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Monday, September 27, 2010

Troy Patton's Father's Incredible Day

To see your son return to the Majors after shoulder surgery would make any dad's day. But to be sitting next the the daughter you had not seen sense she was four years old has to make it better. Thanks to Astros County for the link to Orioles Insider.

Fast forward to this year. Patton’s dad, who lives in Houston and is remarried with four boys, including Troy, set up a Facebook account and entered “Heather Patton.” And there was a hit for a woman in Boston that matched the age. It was her.

Patton’s dad and the woman agreed to meet in Boston, to watch the Red Sox and Orioles play this past week.

On Wednesday, they watched Patton make his Orioles debut and his first big-league appearance since September 2007, when he was with the Houston Astros.

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