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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Geronimo! Future G-Stro?

The Houston Astros continue the aggressive international signing year with adding Geronimo Fransua to the fold. Baseball America is reporting that he signed for a bonus of $250,000. Granted that is not Ariel Ovando money (2.6 Million), but it is similar to the bonus paid the C. J. Lo who prior to injury was quickly moving up the Astros system after his signing in 2008. Lo was a college kid from Korea where as Fransua is a 16 year old from the Dominican Republic.

I have seen both the Fransua & Franzua spelling so I don't know which one is right. I have also seen Geronimo spelled with a J on one site. That will get sorted out. As long as he signed his name right on the contract.

What others have said about Fransua:

MLB Fanhouse writer Frankie Piliere
A thin left-hander, Fransua is already reaching the low-90s with his fastball and has flashed a decent feel for his secondary pitches.
From the Dominican Prospect League website announcement of the signing.

Geronimo Franzua is is 6'1 170lb Lg frame with slim wiry body, he comes from a 3/4 arm angle, clean arm swing and does it easy. He hides the ball well in his delivery making his 88-90 mph FB jump on hitters. On ocassion he has touched 92 mph as well as showing a feel for CB and CH. Franznua was considered one of the top available LH pitchers in the D.P.L.

It looks like the Astros are trying to fill up their new Dominican facility and are using the DPL as a source. Franzua/Fransua is the 4th player signed out of the DPL by the Astros according the the DPL page linked above.

Here is some video of Fransua pitching:

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