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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Troy Patton Keeping the Bench & the Arm Warm

Troy Patton was one of my favorite Greeneville Astros from the 2004 season. He has been on the Baltimore roster three times this year. The most recent stint began on September 7th and he is yet to get into a game. According to this report from Steve Melewski, the plan is for him to work as a long reliever and the starters are just doing too well right now.

Patton on staying fresh waiting for his turn:

"I might use a bullpen to keep the breaking balls fresh. My arm feels good. I'm not worried about throwing strikes with the fastball, it's the breaking ball that, if you take too long off, they are just not the same."

Buck Showalter would like to see him in game action but isn't complaining.

"I've seen some of his work days. But to sit here and smugly say I got to see it, of course not, you go by what people tell you and you see a little on the side. But I can't sit here and for sure tell you what he's going to be able to do...."But he's in the big leagues and that gives you an idea of what we think about him potentially."

Patton says it's better than the alternative.
It's better than being in Houston right now, watching games on TV."

I would say there are worse things than getting almost $2500 a game to ride the pine.

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  1. Patton finally got in a game. He K'd Big Pappi with a runner on 3rd to finish the inning. His line was 2/3 IP, 1 hit (dbl), 1 BB, 1 K.