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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Waiting On The Season

Pardon the Proud Parent Post (otherwise known as a P3). 

This winter, my son entered a poem in a local writing contest at the behest of his mother, who happens to be an English teacher.  Today he is being recognized for winning first prize  7-9 grade poetry in the Andrew Johnson Women's Club annual writing contest. I am sharing the poem here because I am proud of him and because it is baseball related:

Waiting on the Season

Salty tears run down my cheeks
They come from agony pent up for weeks
The cause of which I may not know
It might come from the fresh white snow
The baseball season has gone away
And a shed is where the bases lay
Players young and old can’t wait for spring
When they receive another chance to win a championship ring

The snow is gone from these parts but we are still waiting on the Greeneville Astros season to begin.  Just two months until the draft and a few weeks after that the players will arrive.  

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