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Friday, April 26, 2013

Grant Hogue Leaves Baseball WIth Class

Yesterday, I saw this tweet from former Greeneville Astro Grant Hogue
What a classy good bye.  But if you have had any interaction with Grant Hogue, that should come as no surprise.  Grant was on the 2009 G-Stros.  That team was full of young draft picks that needed a leader. Grant filled that role with ease.  He also became a fan favorite with easy smile and his polite Southern way of answering "yes sir and yes ma'am" to everyone. 

As I thought about his time in Greeneville last night, I have to share my favorite Grant Hogue memory.  I actually got to talk to Grant about it during spring training.  He remembered more details that I did! 

They were playing the K-Mets and an Astros pitcher hit a batter.  The batter acted like he was coming toward the pitcher and there was some mouthing going on.  Everyone was slowly moving towards the mound in case something erupted.  Everyone was moving slowly that is except for Grant Hogue.  Grant was sprinting in from center field and was already on the infield grass as things started to calm down.  That is the way I will remember the player Grant Hogue.  Running to the infield in a dead sprint to have his pitchers back. 

Best of luck to Grant as the next chapter of his life begins.

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  1. Got to see him here in Lexington a couple of years ago. Grant seemed pretty quiet to me, always taking the field, doing his job and doing it as well as he could possibly do it, and then going home. The silent leader type. There aren't really a whole lot of those guys around, or at least as many as there used to be. I wish him the best in his future endeavors.