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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jordan Scott Called Up

Jordan Scott has played his last game as a Greeneville Astro this season. We learned this morning from his twitter account that he has been called up to Tri Cities for their last two series.

Jordan went 0-4 last night, dropping his season average to .337. He dropped to 3rd over all in the league, just ahead of former teammate, Chase Davidson. Davidson finished the his time with the G-Stros at .335. It is possible, depending on how a few other players fair tonight, that they could become the first pair of G-Stros to finish in the top 5 in batting average in the league. They would be just the 2nd pair to finish in the top 10. Last year, Chris Wallace (.310 - 6th) and Marcus Nidiffer (.303 t-7th) were the first pair to finish in the top 10.

Scott's Appy League batting average will be the highest for a G-Stro in the history of the franchise. Chase Davidson's will be the second highest. He will have just enough plate appearances to qualify for the league leaders. He had 188 plate appearances before being called up; 184 are needed to qualify for league leaders.

Record Not To Get Excited About
With last night's loss, the 2011 G-Stros obtained the franchise's 300th loss and also secured their spot as having the second worst record for the season. The 07 team holds the record for the fewest wins with their 17-51 record. The current edition is sitting at 25-42 with one to play. The 09 team finished 27-40.

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