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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A few silly & serious things to look for in the last 8 games

Heading into the last 8 games of the season. The G-Stros have a 24 - 36 mark. Here is what we know... they will NOT finish with the worst record in G-Stros history. That ignoble mark belongs to the 2007 G-Stros who finished 17-51.

Let's look at what could happen if they win a certain number of games.

8- Let's go out with a streak and win them all. If that happens, they pass the 2010 club (31-35) for the 3rd most wins in team history.

7 - Okay, so maybe nobody's perfect and they let one get away. They will still have the 3rd best win total along side the 2010 club.

6- That would be a solid way to wrap up the season. This would assure them that they do not finish last in the Appy West based on their two game lead over Bristol. 30 looks so much better than 29 in the win column. They would also tie the 2008 team for the 4th highest win total.

5- That would be over half the remaining games won. It would tie them with the 2005 club (29-37) for 5th most wins. It would also insure that they would not have the worst record in the league based on their three game lead over Burlington in the overall standings.

4 - Finishing .500 would keep them ahead of the the 2009 club (27 - 40) and put them in 6th best record by themselves. And let's face it loosing any more means 40 losses and 40 losses simply looks bad.

I won't even go into the impact of loosing more than half of the last eight. I am hoping they are able to pull out at least five wins.

What so you don't find this kind of score board watching fun? Fine, then let's just continue to see if:

Josh Magee can continue his torrid pace. If he gets eight more hits, he will have averaged a hit per game this season.

Ariel Ovando can finish strong. Only hitting .221 in August.

Ernesto Genoves can keep the average above .300 for the season. Currently at .303

Jordan Scott can reach higher than 5th best batting average in the Appy League.

Greeneville fans can claim their 8th straight attendance win. They are 8,000 fannies in the seats ahead with five more home games.

There is always something to look for at the ball park.

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