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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Arguello Not Done Yet

Douglas Arguello confirms that he still has the desire to pitch and that he wants to try to get to the majors. In an interview with the Spanish language newspaper LaPrensa.com.ni out of Managua, Nicarogua, Arguello gives the details of his last day as an Astros farm hand. Translation by Google Translator:

The day he was discharged, he noticed that the left-hander did not appear on the active roster from the Red Eagles of Oklahoma City, but not given much importance and thought he had been placed on the disabled list or something. However, after practice was the surprise when the manager told him to call his office and informed him of the low.

"My teammates were amazed. Many believed he would go to the majors in September, but instead I was left out. Do not know what happened, I just said they had no space on your computer, but I do not give up and hope to keep in the minors with any organization that gives me the opportunity, "said the Nicaraguan.

Arguello is planning to play winter ball and the article says he has had talks with Leones of the Dominican Republic and is hoping to play for his native Nicaragua in the World Baseball Classic.

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