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Sunday, June 19, 2011

First Look At 2011 G-Stros

Last night, thanks to the rain out of my son's games, we got to go check out the G-Stros first practice of the season. While you can't tell a great deal about the team from the drills and BP, it is nice to see the guys you have been hearing about live.

One of my favorite things is getting to see and hear the reactions of the players to Pioneer Park. I got to talk to Garen Wright a little and his tweat pretty much summed up his take on the park.

First Observation: Like new manager Omar Lopez. Very hands on in his instruction. While working on pick off moves, a player was struggling to get the timing down. He took the player's spot, took a throw from the 2nd baseman and ran the runner down with a swipe tag to the jersey. Players loved seeing the manager get involved that way. During infield drills, saw him with several players over to the side giving more instruction.

Second Observation: Ariel Ovando looks like a ball player. I had to leave before he took BP. All of his movements in the field look effortless. Didn't look out of place as a 17 year old hanging around a bunch of older guys.

Other Observations:

Chan Moon looks smooth at SS. He also appears to be very gregarious.

Chase Davidson hit several line drives to RF during the few rounds of BP we got to see. Hit one HR over the right center field wall. He will be working at 1B this season. He took all drills there and looked fine. I understand he hasn't played there since HS.

Darwin Rivera looks very good at third base. Smooth footwork and strong arm.

Luis Alvarez looks to be back from his knee injury. Moved well running down the line to 1st on drills with all his gear on.

Ruben Sosa is short. Listed at 5'7". My son's observation, "Maybe we have another Altuve". He doesn't have the strong lower half Altuve has.

Garen Wright looks very athletic. Will be interesting to see how he develops.

It was exciting to see action on the field at Pioneer Park. I am looking forward to my first chance to see them live on Friday night.

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