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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Altuve To AA

This morning, I read on twitter that Jose Altuve had been called up from Lancaster to AA Corpus Christi. That was exciting news to read. Many have been wondering what else he had to prove in high A ball. After all, he entered today leading all of MILB in batting average and hits. Many minor league experts dismiss some of the results because he plays in Lancaster and the Cal. League. Now that he is in the Texas League, his numbers will be taken more at face value.

Brian McTaggart blogged
about the move today. He had this great quote from Fred Nelson, the Astros director of player development.
“Altuve is a guy that has come onto our radar screen,” Nelson said. “He’s continues to play well. He’s not a very big kid in stature, but he plays like a man and knows how to play the game and he’s a guy that’s a baseball player. There comes a point in time when we have to take notice of that and we certainly have.”
In other moves, Hector Rodriguez who was a fan favorite in Greeneville, was promoted to Lancaster from extended spring training. He could often be heard whistling to teammates from the bench or in the field during games. His piercing birdlike whistle often followed a good play or a good pitch (especially if the umpire didn't call it the Astros way). I expect he will see some time at SS since he makes the third 3rd baseman on the roster.

Rodriguez's move also indicates that they are not quiet ready to bring Jio Mier up to Lancaster yet. He is having a better season in Lexington this go around. The McTaggart blog also had a quote from Nelson about Mier's development.
“He’s really matured and is playing really, really sound defense,” Nelson said. “We really like what we’ve seen there. I think he’s right on track. I think he’s matured as a player, he’s not as hard on himself and understands the season’s long and there’s going to be ups and downs and you have to be able to deal with both. I’m really impressed with how he’s conducted himself and how sound he’s been on defense.”

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