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Monday, February 11, 2013

J R Towles in Making Himself Useful In Cardinals Camp

Pitchers and catchers officially report today!  It appears that former Greeneville Astro J.R. Towles is in camp and finding ways to make himself useful to the Cardinals.  Whether it was catching bullpen sessions for early arriving pitchers or taking ground balls; Towles continues to show, he just wants to be on the field.

The taking ground balls was at 2nd base.  This was a part of a drill for the Cardinal's Matt Carpenter who is making the transition to 2nd this season.  Towles took balls at 2nd in order to give Carpenter a break during the drills.
J. R. Towles, the sub -- Towles did drills along with Carpenter in order to build in a break for the fielder. Oquendo worried that if he didn't have a second glove out there taking grounders, doing the drills, that Carpenter would wear himself out going over and over and over and over and over and over again.
There are few players that I remember watching play the game with more joy than Towles displayed during his time in 2004 with the G-Stros.  I hope he can put together a solid spring and successful 2013.

Best of luck to all the former G-Stros, regardless if they are a roster lock or a long shot, reporting to camp today.

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