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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eyewitness Report 8/27/12: G-Stros 2, Bluefield 5

Let's take a look at the next to last game of the season for the G-Stros.  Here are my first hand observations. 

On The Mound:
Francis Ramirez got the start and wasn't sharp but he battled well.  He twice stranded runners at third to end innings.  He hit two batters and walked two more.  He threw 75 pitches with 48 of those coming in the first two innings.

Michael Dimock  pitched one inning in relief.  He was inconsistent as he had two three pitch strike outs and a four pitch walk.     The run he allowed was on base due to a triple down the line.

Joe Musgrove came in and pitched the next inning.  His 1,2,3 6th inning was aided by great defense by D'Andre Toney in center and Angel Ibanez at third.  He came out to pitch in the seventh and got roughed up.  He gave up a ground rule double that would have been a triple had the ball not rolled under the padding of the gate in RF.  That was followed by a triple.  During the next at bat, he unleashed a wild pitch that resulted in a play at the plate.  Genoves' throw was low and Musgrove attempted to tag the runners hand while still standing up.  He thought he tagged him, the ump disagreed and called the runner safe.  Musgrove said something as he walked by the ump and he was tossed. 

Tanner Bushue came in to pitch with a 2-1 count on the batter.  The batter ended up walking but that walk was charged to Musgrove since the count was in the batters favor when Bushue entered.  He then proceeded to pitch 2 2/3 innings of 1 hit ball with five strike outs. 

I know folks are frustrated at the lack of development in Bushue since he was drafted in the 2nd round in 2009.  However, what he has shown in August gives me hope that something has clicked.  He appeared in seven games this month (15 2/3 IP) and gave up just nine hits, five walks and one earned run; while striking out 23 batters.  Had he gone to college, he would have been draft eligible this year.  That makes me cautiously optimistic.

At The Plate
The G-Stros managed to get 11 base runners despite only getting four hits.  They took five walks, had one hit batsman and reached on one error. 

Brian Blasik had two of the teams four hits.  He also stole a base and scored a run. 

Ariel Ovando didn't get a hit but took two walks.  One was a four pitch walk from a new pitcher.  The other was a full count walk. 

Jose Monzon hit a solid double for the best hit of the night. However, he earned my ire earlier in the game for getting picked of first by going back to the bag standing.  Get your uniform dirty son!

In The Field
There was a bit of fruit basket turnover in the field after Mark Wik hit the wall chasing down the first triple of the game.  When he left, Blasik moved from 2nd to LF and Jimmy Howick came in to play second. 

Toney did an excellent job of tracking down a ball in deep left center.

Ibanez made a great play behind the bag at third and gunned the runner at first.

Ernesto Genoves threw out two base runners and did a nice job of dealing with a bunch of balls in the dirt.

Jimmy Howick did the little things well at second.  A ground ball was hit to first that Martinez pulled up on to quickly.  It would have been an error but Howick was moving on the play and Dimock was covering for the rare 4-1 ground out.   

Overall Observations
It wasn't the best game I had seen them play.  The team appeared to lack some energy at times.  This is to be somewhat expected after being eliminated from the playoffs the night before.  It was nice to see them battle back late in the game for some runs and even have the tying run at the plate in the 8th.  One more game to go. 

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