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Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Defense - Best Yet

Defense wins championships. It is an old maxim yet it there is a great deal of truth to it.  This year's edition of the Greeneville Astros has been very good on defense.  I didn't realize how good until I started looking at the records of previous teams.  Below is a spread sheet that list the errors by position of each Greeneville Astros team. I have bolded the leaders. 

Here are some observations (with five games to go)

-  The 2012 G-Stros have made 28 fewer errors than any other team in Greeneville Astros history. 
-  The2012 edition either has the record or is tied for the fewest errors in five of the seven positions.
-  The two positions where they don't hold the record, they have made just one more error than the record holders.
- The biggest gains have been at the middle infield positions. 

Impressive glove work by the 2012 Greeneville Astros!

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