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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't Run On.... Outfield Assist Leaders

I just posted a link to video of Emilio King's throw from RF that was nominated for the MILB.com Play of the Year.  That got me thinking which of the Astros minor leaguers threw out the most runners from the outfield.  According to Baseball Reference stat page for each team, where are the young guns who patrol the OF.

(Couldn't resist the cheesy movie reference - sorry)

Daniel Adamson - the 23rd round draft pick from 2010 threw out 13 in Lexington, seven in Lancaster and added one more during his time in Corpus Christi for a total of 21 outfield assist. Last year in Tri Cities, Adamson threw out 7 batters.

Grant Hogue - the 35th round draft pick from 2009 threw out 15 runners in Lancaster.  He did it from all over the outfield.  He threw out two from LF, two from CF and 11 from RF.  In 2010, Hogue threw out nine from CF in Lexington.

Emilio King - The former catcher from the Dominican Repubic the threw out 14 runners in Lexington in a down year for him.  Last year, he threw out 14 in just 57 games in RF for Greeneville.  Before that he threw out nine in the GCL in 41 games.  Maybe word is getting around, don't run on King.

Andrew Muren - the 22nd round pick of 2011 put on a sharp shooting show in Tri Cities. He gunned down 14 runners in just 66 games.  Ten of those came from RF and four came from CF.

Honorable Mentions
Other full season outfielders who hit the double digit mark in outfield assist were: Jake Goebbert (12), J. B. Shuck (11) and Jon Gaston  (10).

Top short season arms to watch include: Teoscar Hernandez (7 in 59 games), Ariel Ovando (6 in 39 games), and Jerrod McKinney (5 in 30 games).

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