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Friday, July 29, 2011

Only in Rookie Ball

Looking at the box scores only gives you so much insight into what happens in a rookie ball game. Digging deeper into the play by play summary gives you a little more info. But you never get as much info as you get when you are at the park watching the game.

Case in point. Last night, Greeneville defeated Kingsport 6-3. Here is a play by play account in the Kingsport half of the second inning.

Jonathan Clark singles on a bunt ground ball to third baseman Darwin Rivera. Jonathan Clark out at 2nd, pitcher Jamaine Cotton to second baseman Ruben Sosa.

I wasn't at the game but here is why an eye witness told me happened.

1. Clark laid down a beauty of a bunt, Rivera bare hands it and tries to make a throw, but Sosa covering first can't corral to throw. Scored as a hit.

2. Clark starts walking back toward home plate. Time has not been called.

3. Cotton (pitcher) throws ball to Sosa who is still at 1st.

4. Sosa goes down the line and tags the runner out while he is walking back toward the plate.

My witness learned later that Sosa told Clark, the bunt was called foul. Clark took his word for it and was returning to the plate when tagged out. My question is what was the first base coach doing. In rookie ball, the first base coach is often a bench player, and I am sure he would have been just as confused about Clark's actions as the fans in the stands were.

I am surprised Sosa wasn't buzzed later in the game. In his three at bats following the incident, he walked and flied out to center twice. Yep, you guessed it, Clark is the Kingsport center fielder.

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