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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Eye Witness Report - G-Stros No Hit By E-Twins

Last night, the Greeneville Astros were no hit by the trio of Tim Shibuya, Garrett Jewell and Steven Gruver. It is definitely a memorable event and a reminder of how much has to go right to make a no hitter happen. In fact, this game was close to perfect. The Astros got two runners on in two innings. In the 4th inning, two batters made contact with the catcher's mitt and reached on catcher's interference. Then in the 8th, Jewell plunked the first batter he faced and then Garen Wright reached on an error by the third baseman. Both innings ended uneventfully for the G-Stros.

Shibuya's curve ball was extremely effective. It started way inside to right handed batters and then broke over the plate. He threw it at different counts effectively. He also was effective in locating his fastball on the outside corners to both LH & RH batters.

Jewell, quite honestly got lucky. Two of the hardest struck balls of the night were hit off of him. Wrights hard ground ball to third that went through Sano's legs was well struck and then Josh McGee hit a long fly ball to center field that CF Rosario tracked down by running an excellent route to the ball.

It's not that the Astros didn't have good at bats, it is just that the E-Twins did just about everything right all night. After watching back to back games, I am very impressed with Miguel Sano. The prospect from the Dominican Republic who signed for over 3 million in 2009 has put on a show in Greeneville. His defense has been outstanding, with the exception of the error in last night's game. He has made several highlight reel plays over the two games thus far in the series.

Scoring Drought
After getting no hit on Saturday, shut out on Friday, and only scoring in the first inning of the game Thursday night means the Greeneville Astros haven't scored in 26 innings.

Ordosgoitti's Start on Saturday
I was able to watch Saturday nights game as well. Luis Ordosgoitti had a rough start to his outing giving up 3 runs (2 earned) in the first inning before recording an out. It appears he was getting too much of the plate. After a visit from Rick Aponte, he settled down and allowed just one more unearned run the rest his outing.

Rivera's Struggles at 3rd
Darwin Rivera has made 4 errors in the last two games. All of them were throwing errors. At the end of last nights games' he was starting to double and triple clutch on throws. He is getting to the balls, he is not making good throws. Having an inexperienced first baseman doesn't help but a few of the throws have not even been close.

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