Welcome to Appy Astros, a blog dedicated to following current & former Greeneville Astros, the Appalachian League affiliate of the Houston Astros. Here you will find reports on current G-Stros, updates on the development of former G-Stros and occasionally an update on what has happened to the guys who have hung up their spikes.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So What Is This About?

Appy Astros is a fan blog, written by a fan. A fan who enjoys going to Pioneer Park and watching the Greeneville Astros play ball.

What Appy Astros is about

With this blog, you will get my observations about what I see when I go to the games. I am not a baseball expert. My career ended as a 9 year old when I went 1 for 13 with 12 strike outs. I am do not pretend to be a scout. When I say I like a player, I am saying I like his hustle, his attitude, and he appears, to my novice eye, to have some skill.

Updates on players who have played in Greeneville. This will include transactions, player reports, and links to news stories about them. This will include guys in the Houston System as well as those who may have moved on to other teams or are now playing indy ball. I hope at some point to be able to add a feature on life after baseball for some of those who have retired.

Draft coverage before the season starts. The draft populates the roster here in Greeneville. I will try to make you aware of relevant draft news.

With all that being said.....PLAY BALL

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  1. I had been hoping you'd have time to do something like this. Awesome!