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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Game Report: Tuesday 8/24/10

The good:

The game as started by Delino DeShields placing a single to center. He goes to second on a pass ball before Jonathon Merritt reaches 1st on a walk. Medrano fails to move the runners over. Nash walks to load the bases. Valenzuela reaches on an epic fail error by the P-Rays. It was a pop up behind second that hit the heal of the short stops glove and fell to the ground. If Nash is running hard on the play, he might have scored from first. That gives you an idea as to how high of a pop this was.

Travis Smink was pressed into service after Velasquez left the game (more on that below). He pitched from a survival mode it appeared. He was benefited in the 6th inning by his catcher. Roberto Pena gunned one runner out at second with a strike'em out throw'em out double play. Later in the inning, with a runner on second, Pena lets the ball get by him and the runner advances. He rounds the bag and Pena throws behind the runner and butter him, because he was toast. Pena has an arm and a half.

Greeneville's pitching staff pitched out of several jams. The P-Rays were 0-8 with RISP. Last night, they were 0-10. They had the lead off hitter on base in 3 innings and none of them scored.

Hector Rodriquez reached on a single to extend his hitting streak to 5 games.

The Bad

I made the comment to a friend at the game, the best Greeneville players weren't wearing our unis. One of these "best players" was the P-Rays SS. The other was the field ump. He struggled but not of his struggles hurt Greeneville.

Vincent Velasquez left the game in the middle of an at bat due to a "crunching" sound in his elbow. Not sure of any diagnosis but word was it is more likely to be bone related (spur, loose body) than to be ligament related.

DeShields picked up another error on a routine play. He was coming in on a single and pulled up and left the ball on the turf allowing the runner to advance from 1st to 2nd. It is the second game of the three I have seen him play where this has happened.

Overall, Greeneville did what it needed to win. It got some outside help from a few missed calls and a big two out error.

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