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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Carlos Correa Talks About Winter Ball, Upcoming Season & Future WBC Participation

This morning, I stumbled across an interview with Carlos Correa from February 24th on elnuevodia.com.  He talked candidly on several subjects. All quotes are translated via google translator. Here are the highlights.

On playing winter ball for the Carolina Giants in his home country this year: 
"You're playing and with adults. It is not the same as playing with kids your age ... Now you face more competition and that requires making better adjustments and develop yourself as soon as possible to be at that level...
On his off season training:
"I had a plan of work, followed it to the letter and thank God it was good preparation. Everything happens for a purpose, "he said Correa, 6'4".
"I am in the best time I ever had physically as an athlete ... The preparation was there. Good nutrition and rest were always there. The preparation has been very good. Now, go to prove there in the field, and hope that everything goes well, "he added.
On his upcoming season:
"Everything will dictate the work we are doing in the field .... We are focused, mentally and physically prepared to do the job, "said Correa, currently rated as the second best prospect in the organization of Houston."It's a busy year evaluation, which will tell a lot. It will be a year very important for my career, "he added.
On expectations of his quick climb up the ladder:
"I have no hurry. Simply, I have to do my work in the field. The Astros and my work in the field will dictate how soon get to the big leagues, "said Correa, aware that the dismal performance of Houston in recent years could work to your advantage. "That franchise is not the best at this time is good for the players that are in Little League, and we can take a leap to the big leagues faster than a player who is in the Yankees organization."
On the possibility of playing for Puerto Rico in the WBC in 2017:
"It's very big. Already on the island, you represent your island and play for her. As game for the Houston Astros, represent my island is even more exciting, "he said Correa, without anticipating the possibility that the Astros may impede their future participation in the event. "I'm not so much in the future. I focus on what is happening now and next plans to follow. It depends on what happens will be taking decisions, but are things beyond my control right now, "he added.
Ruled, however, that major league teams should be more cooperative."They should support him if Major League is organizing this event.Obviously, people want to see play the best players from each country. They want to see them in action. That gives them more reasons to fans going to the game. "

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