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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Former G-Stros Playing Indy Ball 2012

With independent leagues starting to get underway, I thought we would take a peak at their rosters and see if there are any former Greeneville Astros still playing unaffiliated ball.  I found 10 that are on current rosters, one who has moved to coaching and one who has been naughty and is on the suspended list. I also located at least 12 other guys who played in the Astros farm system on the rosters.  I might have missed one as there are a bunch of indy leagues and teams. 

American Association:
Ole Sheldon (2004) - St. Paul Saints
Bubby Williams (2009/10) - Kansas City T-Bones
Beau Torbert (2004)- Hitting Coach - Lincoln Salt Dogs
Mitch Einertson (2004)- Wichita Wingnuts
Ryan Mitchell (2006)- Amarillo Sox

Other former Astros farm hands in this league: Jon Gaston - Fargo, Chris Salamida - Winnipeg, Matt Cusick - Winnipeg, and Lee Cruz - Kansas City

Atlantic League

Douglas Arguello (2004) - Somerset Patriots

Other former Astros farm hands in this league: Raymar Diaz - Blueport, Collin DeLome- Bridgeport, Lou Santangelo - Somerset, Ryan McKeller - Sugarland, Jimmy Van Ostrand - Sugarland, Drew Locke - Sugarland.

Canadian American League
Bryce Lane (2010) - Newark Bears
Kyle Greenwalt  (2007/08)- New Jersey Jackals
Steve Brown (2006)- Qubec Capitals

Other former Astros farm hands in this league: Anthony Pluta - Newark

Frontier League:
Garrett Bullock (2009/10)- Evansville Otters
Marcus Nidiffer (2010)- Travers City Beach Bums
Josh Flores (2005) - On suspended list of Joliet Slammers

Other former Astros farm hands in this league: Justin Gill - River City Rascals

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