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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Search Of A Nickname For Altuve

Former Greeneville Astro, Jose Altuve continues to impress at the major league level with his hitting prowess.  He is, in my opinion, on the verge of a break out year.  He is hitting well, he has increased his walks, he is running the bases well, and he is making highlight level plays in the field.  Last night, he hit his first home run of the season to go with his four doubles and two triples.

The one thing he lacks is a solid nickname.  There are a few that are floating around the internet but they haven't really caught on yet.  Here is what I have heard so far:

Pocket Jesus - I am not a fan of nicknames that have religious overtones.  This nickname is too polarizing to stick.

Mighty Mouse - It has been the cartoon reference nickname for every small athlete in the last 50 years. In a brief google search, I found swimmers, basketball players and even a UCF fighter using that nickname.  Not original enough

So I sought to come up with a good nickname for Altuve.  One not to polarizing, yet original.  Here is what I came up with.

El Escorpion!

My reasons:
1. Scorpions are small creatures who pack a big wallop.  You might overlook a scorpion because of its size at first, but after you have been stung, you give it due respect.  Altuve was seen as a novelty when he first came up but not people are starting to respect his hitting (striking) ability.

2. Look at this picture of Altuve at bat.  He coils his bat and loads back like a scorpion ready to strike.

3. There is no record of a baseball player with this nickname so it is original.

What do you think?  Does it fit?


  1. El Escorpion! LOVE it!! I may just have to make a sign with that for the next game we go to...