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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Interview: Nine Innings with Jordan Scott

Today I had the chance to visit with Jordan Scott by phone.  Jordan is the 2011 MVP of the Greeneville Astros.  He was nice enough to give me a bit of his time to answer a few questions.   I normally have nine questions for the players, he was kind enough to go to extra innings with me.  Enjoy.

1. You had a good year in 2010 for the GCL Astros. Then you had a very good season for Greeneville and earned the team MVP award. What areas did you see yourself improve in from year one to year two?

JS: Pretty much improving in all aspects of my game.  The biggest part is getting better in the outfield; running better routes and getting better reads on the ball.  Then hitting wise, I worked with the hitting coach, Josh Bonifay.  We did a lot of early hitting. We would probably get out to the field at 1:30 to just get on the field and try to improve the mechanics and get everything consistent.

2. Those of us who follow minor league baseball hear about instructionals but have no idea what they are really like. Can you give us an idea of what instructional league is like?

JS: You take your top 40 or 50 guys out of your organization and play about 20 to 25 games during that month.  It’s basically a lot of instructional stuff and trying to get better in an aspect of your game.  It is a lot of preparation before the game and a lot of practice.  We played against the Nationals, Tigers and Braves.  

3. Were you working on anything particular during instructionals?

JS: I worked on being more consistent in the outfield.  Whether it be the route on the ball or getting my arm stronger.

4. What about for this off season? 

JS: I am preparing myself for next season by working out five or six days a week.  Getting stronger and hitting a lot.

In just two seasons, you have had the chance to play with four different pro teams in the Astros organization. Give your best and worst for each rung of the minor league ladder you have climbed:

5. GCL Astros

JS:Best - Gettting my pro career off to a good start.  I had pretty descent year that year.  I think that was the best for me, just to get a good first season under my belt.  To get some confidence to carry into the next season.

Worst - Everything happening so fast.  Signing and then going down there within two days. It was a pretty tough change for me being away from family and stuff.

6. Greeneville

JS: Best - The fans and the atmosphere.  Coming from the GCL the previous year, there are not many fans at all in the GCL.

Worst - Every other field we played at wasn’t that great.  It was a lot different on the road than at home. 

7. TriCities

JS: Best - I played two series on the road and at one stop, we stayed at a pretty sweet hotel and I could see the stadium from my hotel room. It was with in walking distance.  So it was just walk to the field and walk back.

Worst -  We went from the best park in the league to the worst park in the league.  The other bad thing was that I didn’t get to play at their home stadium.

8. Lexington

JS: Best - Everything.  From the nice apartment we stayed in to the nice facilities to the great fans to going up there on a really good baseball team. It was a really cool experience for me.

Worst - The bus trips.  They’re terrible.  All night trips where you are not very comfortable on the bus. 

9. Who is/are the pitcher(s) on Greeneville's staff this year that you were glad they were on your team so that you didn't have to try to hit off them? (please give us an idea of what pitch is particularly nasty in their arsenal)

JS: Ordisgoitti – as a lefty he throws a lot of two seamers down and away. He has a really good change up and a pretty descent slider. He has pretty good velocity.  He’s a really tough pitcher.    
Extra Innings: I assume you were a baseball fan growing up. Have you had that moment yet where you interact with someone you think of as a player on TV but they are right there on the field next to you? If, so which one stands out in your mind as most memorable.

JS:I got to face Chien Ming Wang and El Duque when I was down in extended this year.  It’s pretty awesome to know you have watched them on TV before but in reality, it’s just you against the pitcher like when you are facing everyone else.  You just have to have confidence to know you will succeed.

I would like to think Jordan for his time today and wish him the best as he prepares for next season.

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