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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Photo Evidence

Here are a few photos of my Asheville trip to see the Legends. The last one is the smoking gun on the umps for not calling the game in the 5th.

Top 4 in the line up. DeShields, Mier, Wallace & Nash. Nash is a good size fellow isn't he?

Dydalewicz warming up. He pitched a good game.

Mier at the plate. He looked more comfortable than when I saw him last May.

This photo was taken during the pitching change in the 5th. Some people saw the pitching change as a stall tactic. Maybe there was an element to it but after Dydalewicz had just hit a batter in the foot to load the bases, I think a pitching change was in order. Look at the puddle, nay - pond developing between second and third. The fact that the umps let play continue with the field in this condition is unimaginable. I hope the league office addresses this. The conditions were unsafe for everyone.

One final note, notice the scoreboard in the background. Bailey's homer passed over the top left hand corner of the scoreboard. It is only 320 to the scoreboard but the scoreboard is more than 40 feet tall so It wasn't a cheap homer by any means.

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