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Saturday, February 26, 2011

What To Watch For In 2011 - Former G-Stros Shortstops

Working around the horn, we land at shortstop. Here we go.


Wlad Sutil
- Wlad was with the G-Stros in 2004. He spent most of 2010 in Corpus Christi while spending part of the season level higher at Round Rock. In 2011, we are asking the following questions. Where will he break camp? AA or AAA? If he gets to AAA, can he hit better there than his .237 last year?

Jio Mier - Jio had a rough 2010 in Lexington. It is reported that he wore down as the season progressed and lost 15 pounds. He has reported to big league camp after gaining 20 pounds over the off season. In 2011, we are asking the following questions. Will his body able to stand up to the grind this year? Will his season resemble the first half of last season or the second half? I expect he will start the year back in Lexington.

Jonathan Merritt - The shortstop for the G-Stros in 2010 was a non drafted free agent from UAB. He performed adequately, but at 22, he was older than most of the competition. I expect he will be a back up in Tri Cities or Greeneville this season.

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