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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Some Christmas Gifts for Astros Farm Followers

I have been out of pocket for most of the last week and haven't been able to share all the neat things I have come across lately. Let's get right to it with a few cool links.

First ScoutingtheSally.com has a super scouting report of Jose Altuve. Mike does a great job of breaking down the good & the bad of Jose's game. Here is his conclusion:

As you can tell, this scouting report has much more assumption in it than most of what I write. With a prospect like Jose Altuve, it’s needed because there’s simply not another player to compare him to. In all honesty, the easy out is to simply write Altuve off as a AAAA-utility type at the major league level due to his lack of size. However, if Jose Altuve really was his listed Baseball Reference height/weight of 6’1″, 185 lbs., we’d be discussing a surefire top-100 prospect and one of the top-5 position prospects I scouted in 2010. So while I can’t say he will ever be an impact talent, to rule out a scenario where he does not at least become a second division starter and instant fan favorite would be irresponsible of me.
I recommend you follow Mike on Twitter @ScoutingtheSAL. He will be expanding his minors coverage over the next season beyond just the Sally League.

I also found this great quote from Jose Altuve about his height via Google Translator:

"I do not know, because I have long since I measure and I have no idea," he says"No need to pay attention to what people say," he says of his size, and "keep fighting for what you want and in the U.S. and it does not matter,"

Secondly, let's stay at second base. Dave Gershman, over at SPANdemonium, interviewed former G-Stro Albert Cartwright. Dave asked him about his off season preparation and here is Albert's reply.

Preparing my self mental and physically to endure the the long brutal season ahead of me. pushing yourself in the gym and putting time on the field and in the batting cages. putting in time gets me ready for the season
Dave can be followed on Twitter @Dave_Gershman. He is out of NY state and follows minors prospects from every team.

Finally Baseball Prospectus released it's Top 11 Astros prospects. Here are the former Greeneville Astros on the list:

Four Star: Jordan Lyles & Delino Deshields
Three Star: Mike Foltynewicz, J. D. Martinez
Two Star: Jio Mier, Jose Altuve

In the "Nine More" category, other former G-Stros were mentioned. They included: Telvin Nash, Jay Austin, & Ross Seaton.

They have write ups on the first 11 which include the "starred" athletes above.

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