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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Signings, Free Agents, Another Beau Story & Milt Thompson Coming to G'ville?

Baseball America just released their list of the Minor League Free Agents. Here are the former Greeneville Astros on the list.

Houston Astros: Polin Trinidad (05-06), Jhon Florintino (05)
Baltimore Orioles: Jose Duran (07)
Philadelphia Phillies: Neil Sellers (04)
Washington Nationals: Jimmy Barthmaier (04), Victor Garate (05)

These players are free to sign with any other team. We have already heard some news that Garate has already been to a try out in Japan.

In other transactions released by Baseball America, the following former G-Stros were signed or re-signed by teams:

Atlanta Braves: Beau Torbert (04) (signed)
Houston Astros: Douglas Arguello(04)(re-signed)
Seattle Mariners: Raphie Henriquez (05-06)(re-signed)

signing with the Braves got him some press in the big city Atlanta paper. Dave O'Brien's story has much of the same material others have had with the exception of this quote from the Braves' GM.
“He’s put up good numbers in the independent leagues,” Braves general manager Frank Wren said. “The numbers have improved each of the past three years. When you look at those kind of players that continue to improve and put up numbers, I think it’s worth taking a look.”

Milt Thompson who patrolled the outfield in Kingsport back in 1979 will return to the Appy this season as the Minor League Outfield/Base Running Coordinator for the Astros.

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